Big Maps, Venues, and Links

As part of the ongoing development of the web based visuaisation of plings data, we’ve made some more improvements over at, and

We’ve added OpenStreetMaps as an option to the map view, (including the option to use the OpenCycleMap as your map), and improved the ‘large map’ options to show all activities over the week.

We’ve added more links – easy to do when you gather them in an account at and then publish them to the site.

We’ve also been thinking about the venues and now each one has it’s own page where you can see what’s on in the coming week.

The Twitter application for Stockport seems to be working ok, so we’ve added a link to that:

..and, we’ve still got more developments in the pipeline, so back to work!

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3 Responses to Big Maps, Venues, and Links

  1. Tim Davies says:

    Hey David

    Looks good :) Great to see the addition of the venue pages.

    With the addition of venue pages that gets me thinking – how much have you done with travel data so far?

    I’ve just been running a consultation with young people on a new website for a sexual health service – and was struck that one of the top priorities for the information young people wanted was information on bus routes.

  2. DavidC says:

    Yeah, I’ve always thought a key part of venue data should be ‘Nearest bus stop’ and route numbers.

    I also like it when people add this info to their ‘How to find us instructions’ – I especially like them when they add info for cyclists!

    OpenStreetMappers tend to mark cycle parking on their maps as well.

    Undoubtedly, there’s more we can do around venues – we have lots of fields around accessibility issues for people with disabilities for example, but much of the data is missing.

    The good thing is that this stuff is on people’s radar and so we can make progress!

  3. stevieflow says:

    @Tim Davies – hi Tim – I think we have started to address the travel info now, through the intelligent links to Transport Direct – but there is still room for improvement and development

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