Plings blog is moving

Just a quick announcement that from today we will will be moving this blog from through to

Why (warning – swearing in video below!)?

Yes, this see like a minor thing to do, and perhaps insignificant, but our underlying reason is around unifying as many things as we can around the domain. Through our three years of working on the project we’ve (Ok, Ill take the responsibility!) been guilty of creating *lots* of sub domains and even new domains with the word Plings in them! Slowly, step-by-step we are just doing some rebuilding. Of course, none of the old content will be lost in the transfer.

If you subscribe to the blog via RSS feed or email then you should not notice any change. In addition, we will also be adding an e-newsletter facility to Plings, giving you an extra chance to keep abreast of our news!

Many thanks, as always. Whilst moving the blog we found some real gems – including the post from 17 July 2007 where we first described what a Pling was! If only I had a shiny penny for everytime I’d described that since…!

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