How can we use infographics in community information?

Our friends at the Big Society Big Mouth campaign asked us to help circulate this infographic they recently commissioned:

Big society infographic

An infographic can be a really effective way to capture a complex issue in a stimulating and visual way.  For Big Society Big Mouth, the desired outcome is to stimulate discussion and debate amongst young people around #bigsociety related issues – so please feel free to print, circulate and use this.  It will be interesting to track the debate and discussions that arise from this – as a real test of an infographic is the engagement it can bring, and how we measure it….

Good infographics result in better engagement?

We recently enjoyed a infographic around compelling landing pages, which has helped us in our thinking for better designs on Plings (more of which later).  What really caught our eye though, was the follow up blog post from Formstack – the people behind the infographic.  Alongside the phenomenal 150,000 views of the image in a month, they found an interesting trend amongst their web analytics.  Visitors took a different route around the website, as opposed to cutting straight to the product costs, implying that the infographic had acted as a useful tool for engagement.

Where are the youth activities infographics?

We’re starting think of compelling stories around Plings, that could result in an infographic.

Do you know of any?  Do you currently deploy such mechanisms in your work?  How can we make them accessible?  We’d love to hear…

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