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Here at Blackpool Council we’ve just pulled together our end of year Plings statistical report using the Plings Stats Tool. This year we’ve managed to achieve some fantastic increases in the number of activities we are sending up to Plings via the API.

10,000 hours

Blackpool Stats

Blackpool's Stats Spreadsheet

In 2010/11 we have seen the number of hours of provision advertised rocket to over 10,000 – more than 28 hours of provision for every day of the year and an increase of 125% on 2009/10.

However, in some wards we have seen numbers drop but it’s really important to remember how to use the figures in a positive way – even when they aren’t as good as we’d like.

Blackpool Stats Graph

Instances per Month

Plings is also strategic

Sometimes there can be a struggle when trying to get the message across that Plings is not only a tool for young people to find positive activities, but also one for senior management and commissioners to better plan and structure activities both in geographical areas and in the type of activity provided.

For example in Blackpool’s Park ward we saw a 23% fall in the number of activities in 2010/11 from 2009/10. While this information isn’t what we’d like to see, we need to establish the reason behind this fall. Is it that providers had previously been putting on activities in this areas but they weren’t being attended in high enough numbers? If that was the case then the drop is justified but if there is another reason, we need to know what it was and establish whether activities need to be reinstated in this area.

Adding attendance to Plings data?

If we could tie in the Plings Data with management information on the number of young people attending particular activities we could have an even richer picture of what we have to offer. Maybe this is a new development to be looked at in the future.

You can see Blackpool’s Plings at!

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