If you are looking for Plings - the service to help you find activities for young people - we are sorry, but due to the Government's changing funding priorities, this service is no longer supported. You can find out more about what happened to Plings on the Substance website or if you want to browse an archived version of the Plings site you can do so here. However, please note that there is currently no further future data contained and you need to look prior to June 2012 to view any activities.

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There are hundreds of different things to do in Blackpool, some aimed at locals and some at tourists but all are brilliant fun and lots are free to. Blackpool offers a host of Youth Clubs, Sports & Leisure Facilities plus iconic places for days out such as The Tower and the Sandcastle Water Park.

Whether its football or art, swimming or pool, there will always be something to do in sunny Blackpool!


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