If you are looking for Plings - the service to help you find activities for young people - we are sorry, but due to the Government's changing funding priorities, this service is no longer supported. You can find out more about what happened to Plings on the Substance website or if you want to browse an archived version of the Plings site you can do so here. However, please note that there is currently no further future data contained and you need to look prior to June 2012 to view any activities.

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Get outdoors, learn new skills and catch a fish!

Angling is the most popular pastime in the UK , with 4m people regularly visiting their nearest spot.

Lots of clubs and organisations host free taster sessions and training for young people.

Angling offers both relaxation as well as excitement and competitions can add extra spice.

The beauty of angling is that you can decide when you go, so long as you have a licence.

An annual junior licence costs just £5, although there may be additional charges on local waters.

Did you know that it is currently National Fishing Month? Most of the activities are now on Plings - try searching, or check the website directly..

Typical Cost: Free (plus ingredients).


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